Innovation from GCR Eurodraw

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Now combining a PC wire and PC strand line is possible.

Our new combined line includes a spool payoff and a specifically designed pair of pulling capstans that have a double wheel dedicated to PC wire and PC strand. The wheel of PC wire can be sized up to 4 meters in diameter while the wheels for PC strand are 2000 mm. The furnace is common for both products as well as the cooling tray. The line includes the two intermediate take-ups to be used with PC strand and the lay by lay rewinding spooler. For PC wire the product can be collected on the basket coilers.

The performance of the line with PC strand is identical to the performaces of a dedicated PC stand line.

For PC wire production,  the performaces remain unchanged compared to a dedicated line and are up to 400 m/min speed.

This line is ideal for companies that can enter in both PC strand and PC wire market with limited investment