Stop phosphatation!

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THE CONDAT solution: without borax, without phosphate

The preparation of the wire surface before drawing is an essential stage to optimize the manufacturing process. Generally, 2 processes are used: either a surface treatment with Borax directly after acid pickling of the wire, or, for more technical applications, a phosphatation step before borax or lime coating operations.

CONDAT, worldwide leader for wiredrawing lubricants, now offers THE solution for an effective and durable surface treatment. Discover more at the WIRE Düsseldorf 2014 Exhibition.

A surface treatment with Borax or Phosphate presents a certain number of disadvantages.

On one side, Borax is now classified as toxic for reproduction and is identified by REACH as a substance of very high concern. In certain areas, the threshold authorized in the effluents can pose problems to companies. In addition, the performance of a Borax surface treatment is not optimum when wiredrawing speeds need to be increased.

On the other side, phosphate treatment provides a high level of performance for the wiredrawing of high carbon steels but it reveals other difficulties. The handling of dangerous reactive products (range of strong acids), the problems of controlling the exact concentration of the bath, the strongly irritating atmosphere for the operators, all make it a difficult operation to manage.



Optimal crystallized coverage with VICAFIL TS 7112 zoomX60



After several years of Research, CONDAT has developed the solution for a simple, efficient and more environmentally friendly1 surface treatment: VICAFIL TS 7112. This product, in powder form, is simply diluted in a hot water bath and contains mineral salts classified as non toxic2. Just as a borax bath, the mineral salts and organic-polymers of VICAFIL TS 7112 crystallize quickly on the wire creating optimal coverage and a greater deposit weight, thus ensuring better adherence and an excellent distribution of the lubricant during the wiredrawing operation. This results in:

  •    An increase of wiredrawing speeds
  •   A reduction of die wear
  •  An excellent quality of the wire surface
  •  A greater homogeneity of the wire’s mechanical properties

Better performing than a surface treatment with Borax, VICAFIL TS 7112 also presents fewer disadvantages than a phosphate treatment. Easy to handle and without usage of products classified as toxic2, it makes it possible to reduce the number or the length of tanks used to carry out such treatments. In addition to these significant gains in equipment investment, VICAFIL TS 7112 also allows a reduction in the treatment and recycling of effluents.

VICAFIL TS 7112 guarantees remarkable results for the wiredrawing of the most difficult metals and on applications such as steelcord, PC wire, spring and cold heading wire.

With this innovation, CONDAT confirms its reputation of technical leader in the world of wiredrawing. More efficient than borax and more economic than phosphatation with the same levels of performance, VICAFIL TS 7112 is the “must see” innovation at the WIRE Düsseldorf 2014 exhibition.

1in terms of effluents

 2according to the European regulation in force