BMZ actively continues modernization and reconstruction

10.06.2014 Off By admin

Investments of Byelorussian Steel Works in basic capital were 68 million Euro  for  January-March 2014 (including ~61 million Euro investment in modernization)

From the beginning of 2014 several key modernization projects have been finished: reconstruction of the arc  furnace №1, continuous billet casting machine  №2, dust and gas catchers №1 and the construction of a new lime kiln plant №3 (LKP-3). All these facilities allow the company to increase production, improve product quality, making the production more effective and economical.

At present high percentage of  financial resources is invested in  the construction of light-section mill with capacity of 700 000 tons (1 million tons  of rolled products per year in perspective). This facility will allow to increase the output of high value added steel and wire products at BMZ and OJSC ‘’Rechitsa metizny plant”.

Currently there are more than 800 people working at the new mill. The heating furnace housing has already been assembled and the specialists have started installing burners and air tubes. The materials needed for heating furnace lining have been delivered from the middle of April. The setting-up of the equipment at the compressor station and billet finishing area has begun recently.

The electricians have already started installing the cable runs in heating furnace loading area. The installation work is carried out under control of “Danieli” specialists – the main supplier of technologies and primary equipment.

It is vital to note that BMZ made a 285 million Euro investment in basic capital in 2013, of which ~211 million Euro was invested in modernization.