MX3D Metal

MX3D Metal is an affordable multiple axis 3D printing tool. After developing our MX3D-resin printer, we again used an industrial robot and combined it with a welding machine and developed software to drive this combination. From small parts to large constructions – with this technology we can 3D print strong, complex structures out of sustainable […]

Innovation from GCR Eurodraw

            COMBINED PC WIRE AND PC STRAND LINE Now combining a PC wire and PC strand line is possible. Our new combined line includes a spool payoff and a specifically designed pair of pulling capstans that have a double wheel dedicated to PC wire and PC strand. The wheel of […]

Stop phosphatation!

THE CONDAT solution: without borax, without phosphate The preparation of the wire surface before drawing is an essential stage to optimize the manufacturing process. Generally, 2 processes are used: either a surface treatment with Borax directly after acid pickling of the wire, or, for more technical applications, a phosphatation step before borax or lime coating […]